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ISC's Firewall Content Filtering Server:

Here is the deal:
We install a Linux "Firewall content Filtering Server" in between your present system and your Internet connection.

Our product is FREE on the bottom line...

The gain in employee productivity pays for our "Firewall content Filtering Server." And we have not discussed other money savings... prevention of spyware, porn, viruses, hackers, and other evils from the Internet.

How we got to here:
In January of 2004, we finally came to the conclusion after years of trying that, "It is impossible to protect Windows networks with windows based products." Some give you a false sense of security, but in fact offer only minor protection especially against the ever growing spyware /adware industry. Our spyware block blacklist in Feb. of 2004 was 600 web sites. Our advertisers list was 43,000. Today the advertising is down to 21,000 and the spyware list is up to 100,000. The porn blacklist has doubled. Spyware, malware, scumware or scamware is very close in number to current viruses. With Windows Vista you can expect even more. Microsoft allows spyware to exist and has plans to keep allowing it.

ISC's Firewall content Filtering Server is an 'All in one package' that does or acts like the following:

Additional packages: Applications:
Add a second layer of spyware & virus protection to Windows computers.
Content filtering and blocking of Internet garbage. (approx. 67 categories to block from sports to adult only.)
    (spyware, phishing, warez, virus infected, p0rn, beer & liquor, nudity, are the standard used by everyone.)
Ability to have better "shared" resources for your business.
Large amounts of Advertising is blocked by nature.
Give your Windows network or business an extremely good firewall from the outside world better than most typical hardware firewalls and less disruptive than most software ones.
Protect your Windows 2003 or 2008 server from attacks before reaching them, which is usually too late.
Get your employees out of the "I need to check email" syndrome created by "always having email" due to SPAM.
Give employees an extra safety net or computers when virus programs are not always up to date or you have employees with the "click to see what it is" syndrome on email attachments.
Keep your employees from wasting 15 minutes or more a day dealing with SPAM email.
Additional Backup for your business. Or emergency backup server for you current Windows server or its replacement later.
Virus scanning for Novell Groupwise systems.

(We ran a completely open Windows XP Home to surf the net behind our "Firewall content Filtering Servers" no virus protection, no Windows updates and SP 0 level. We even enabled file sharing and remote desktop will no passwords. It never was  infected with any spyware or a virus.  If the computer was placed before our Firewall content Filtering Server the XP would last about 15 minutes before infection and death within 112 minutes according to Symantec.)

We have had 3 instances of Spyware getting through our "Firewall content Filtering Servers" in over 5.5 years!!!  (2 because the local virus program was not active to stop the download trojans that brought in the spywares.)  No virus infection that required a visit from us to fix.  We haven't seen a quarantined file in years on any workstation or server computer. A  few people have downloaded games that contained adware imbedded in game. Nothing can protect you from "people who know everything about everything."  (Every business before the installation our "Firewall content Filtering Server" was plagued by spywares and viruses on a regular basis. Not any more!)

Hey we are honest here are the side effects of having such great protection... more.

Now for the upfront cost before you start saving money. Click here.

License Agreement for's Firewall content Filtering Server

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